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SOA Exams Preparations
Real-Time Virtual Learning Programs 

We offer real-time virtual preparation programs for SOA Exams on January 2022.

Online courses will be on the Exam P, FM and STAM.

2022 Spring Schedule

Live sessions will be recorded and access will be given to the enrolled students

Up to 5 participants, Hours will be determined by the participants CET afterhours

Outside working hours with respect to CET.

Turkish Actuarial Exams Preparations 
Real-time Virtual Learning Programs

Winter&Spring 2022

All topics are with the distinguished academics. For detailed schedule, please click below. 

2022 Winter-Spring Schedule

Level I

Financial Mathematics
Probability and Statistics

Level II

Actuarial Modelling and Risk Analysis
Life and Non-life Mathematics
Theory of Finance
Financail Reporting and Accounting 

Level III

Life Contingencies
Non-life Insurances
Finance, Investment and Risk
Pension Systems
Health Insurances

Lecture Notes and Q&As for SOA Exams