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BRG Data Science Division

BRG Data Science (DS) Division is established in 2021 by distinguished academics. DS Division aims to provide consulting services and training programs for financial and industrial institutions.

Online certificate programs on "Data Science" and "Machine Learning" with Python are designed for participants working in related fields such as marketing, sales, PM, IT and even HR. The Division aim to provide data-driven perspective and an experience where the participants learn the basic concepts and modern tools of data science by working on various applications.


Aksigorta A.Ş. & Agesa A.Ş.
Science of Data Online Certificate Program for Insurance Companies

October 2022 - Novenber 2023

Program Details

The Science of Data (SoD) Certificate Program, specially prepared for Aksigorta and AgeSa with an insurance-based content, will take place between October 2022 and June 2023. Teams are working on machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analysis for six months and six modules with a total of around 50 participants from Aksigorta and Agesa.

Data Science Online Certification Program

Data Science and Machine Learning with Python For Finance Online and Live Certificate Program.

22 March 2023 - 29 April 2023

Program Flyer

Perspective, Technical and Course Details

Data Science Program Schedule

All course hours are CET.

Lecture 1 - 22 Mar, W 19:30-22:30

Introduction to Data Science, D. Yenigun 

Lecture 2 - 25 Mar, Sa 10:30-13:30

Basic Python Programming and Data Preprocessing, D. Sen

Lecture 3 - 29 Mar, W 19:30-22:30

Data Visualization I, M. Yildirim

Lecture 4 - 01 Apr, Sa 10:30-13:30

Data Visualization II, M. Yildirim

Lecture 5 - 05 Apr, W 19:30-22:30

Linear Regression Models, D. Yenigun

Lecture 6 - 08 Apr, Sa 10:30-13:30

Classification Models, D. Yenigun

Lecture 7 - 12 Apr, W 19:30-22:30

Time Series Visualization and Forecasting, D. Yenigun

Lecture 8 - 15 Apr, Sa 10:30-13:30

Cluster Analysis, D. Sen

Lecture 9 - 19 Apr, W 19:30-22:30

Support Vector Machines, D. Sen

Lecture 10 - 22 Apr, Sa 10:30-13:30

Artificial Neural Networks, D. Sen

Lecture 11- 26 Apr, W 19:30-22:30

Natural Language Processing, D. Sen

Lecture 12 - 29 Apr, Sa 10:30-12:30

Market Basket Analysis, D. Yenigun